New design coming soon

I'm pretty excited about a new design that I've been working on for another dual-chain clock.   This one will feature a cycloidal reduction instead of the planetary gearset.  These reduction gears can create a ridiculous gearing ratio, so the motor can spin a bit faster, which makes them a bit more "dynamic" in nature.  Also, I've designed in a way to use roller bearings in all of the important gears, adding to the longevity and smoothness of the mechanism.   

Along with the new gearing, I've also changed up the drive motor - instead of basic AC powered motors, this design will be driven by an electronically controlled small stepper motor.   This will have several advantages. It can be powered by any old usb-style phone charger, or I can supply one. They will keep accurate time regardless of your power source, so International customers won't have any issues with timing.  Finally, they can run in either direction with some very simple changes.

Cycloidal Drive