The Biggest One

The Biggest One

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Looking for something a bit bigger?  This is a scaled-up version of the chain clock which uses a 5/8 inch link chain and features larger numerals to match.  Even though it's larger, this clock is also silent running thanks to it's slow pace and bearing-supported main drive shaft.

These clocks feature laser-cut acrylic numerals and motor mounts. They keep accurate time by using industrial synchronous A/C motors, in combination with a laser-cut set of rotating drive gears.  The drive gears are off-white (the official color name is opal) and maintenance free.  The industrial drive motors may be operated with the cover removed to allow the rotating components to be seen, as shown in the photos.

The main sprocket rotates in a clockwise direction.  If you prefer that it rotates in the other direction, well, you're out of luck with this as it's a one-of-a kind design.  Actually, if you really want one that spins the other way, send me an email and I can work on a custom design, at no additional charge.  

PLEASE NOTE: The motor which provides accurate timing is designed to operate on US/Canadian AC power. (110 volt, 60 Hertz) Most international power suppliers deliver power to your home at ~230 volts, 50 Hertz, and will not work.

Please reference to confirm your local power supply is 60Hz if you are outside of the US or Canada.

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